COMING SOON (First Quarter 2010)

The COMPACT Panel Laminating Line is our low end machine system consisting of a single module encompassing production systems including coil handling, steel processing, gluing and pressing coupled with the silent knife panel cut off system.

This provides a very compact machine for the manufacturing of sandwich panels with EPS core material.

The MDI COMPACT System is the entry level system for flat faced panel production with lower production volumes

This system due to its economical construction is very limited in the upgraded systems available from MDI. It cannot be upgraded to roof, mineral wool panels or computer control systems due to its more simplistic construction level. If these systems are required in the future then other MDI production lines should be considered.

Whilst this system is very capable if the customer is looking for a higher end production line system then consideration should be given to the MDI Classic Line or the Full Line Panel Production System should be considered.

The expected release in the first quarter of 2010 of this entry level system has been spurned by customer demand and the design is proven in the MDI panel production system.