The MDI “Full Line” production system has been developed from the MDI Classic range to provide more flexibility in production with more sophisticated technology whilst maintaining the same economical approach. The “FULL LINE” can be configured from a base/entry level system through to a fully optioned system to manufacture panels with Mineral Wool core material. It can even be upgraded to a continuous direct injection line for the manufacture of PUR and PIR panels without the high capital investment required by the typical “European” style injection machines

The MDI “Full Line” system allows production of complex architectural and secret fix style panels and very deep trapezoidal panel profiles not available on “Classic” lines. With roll in, roll out bottom forming bed options it also allows for quick changeover between various panel profile systems.

The MDI “Full Line” is a truly modular and therefore completely flexible system where individual modules make up the total system with distinct separate stations/machines for forming, trimming, gluing, pressing, etc.

full spec line 8t coil mw eps good for video
The MDI systems Full Line system layout and options include the following modules

COIL HOLDERS – Options for coil handling range from basic mandrel type systems to cantilevered driven coil holders with coil cars.
JOINT ROLL FORMING – The MDI Full Specification Line roll forming system is forming joints for wall, secret fix and roof profiles in a compact side transfer unit. This full line roll-forming system is superior due to extra forming length and all forming being done prior to any core introduction.
CORE LOADING – Options include a variety of cores such as EPS and Mineral Wool.
CORE PROCESSING - For core trimming and sanding, etc.
GLUE APPLICATION – MDI offer a variety of solutions including wiping and spraying systems.
LAMINATING PRESS – Various length Roller Presses are available for different line speed requirements or a Caterpillar Press for ultimate laminating system.
PANEL CUTTING – A range of panel cutting systems including the MDI Universal Bandsaw and Silent Knife cutting systems.
PANEL STACKING and WRAPPING– The Panel Stacking Systems can be fitted with the latest MDI designed Panel Flipper and Conveyor Systems as required.
Other Options
As there are many options available on the MDI Full Line System please contact us for more information